Shopify Product.Gift_Card attribute boolean check

Tonight being bothered by a Shopify attribute weird syntax.

Having a Gift Card product page, I want to show different UI vs normal product. I user product.gift_card and try to obtain the boolean value for the different UI. But I keep receive nothing.

Normally I try look up the product.json by adding .js at the end of the product URL. And I find there isn’t.

I have use line_item.gift_card for similar purpose, which give me expected value, so I am surprised I cannot get the expected value upon calling product.gift_card.

I connect with Shopify Plus support, and they typically say it should be my theme related rather than any regression in the system. Fair-enough~

Until a moment, I spot the product.gift_card in the developer doc has a Questionmark, i.e. product.gift_card? where that questionmark sounds to me to be a typo. But honestly not! It is the killer character that cause me fail to get the expected boolean. I cannot find another attribute has such un-usual suffix character. And I hope you didn’t struggle too long like me.

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Happy New Year @ 2012

Happy New Year @ 2012

It is a difficult year, no matter to the world or to me. There are too many disasters, the financial crisis, making lots of people die or poor. And for my job, we finally make out company site launch. We got too many to work out in order to meet numerous deadline: Launch date, pre-sale, etc. But no matter what, this 2012 I am preparing for my new era. I hope to work our our future with my love. And I wish I can share my skills to help more people to work out more great sites.

Wish you all best in 2012!

IE6 Countdown

It is too good to hear news from Microsoft take the active step in enforcing the development of web by putting off IE6. For normal web surfer they may not know why having such act, but for web developer it is really a gospel. IE6 brings us a lot of hard time during web development due to its non-web standard interpretation of web page, pool JavaScript engine, lack for developer-friendly debugging tools and poor handling for image, CSS.

Having IE6 to share smaller portion of the web market help business decision-maker no longer thinking ‘we should support IE6 for our company’ web page meanwhile aim at applying fancy effect to their website while IE can hardly run them perfect.

Well, it is actually not only IE6, but some other browser which also not following web standard for web page rendering should also be put off from the market gradually in he future. So that let more fancy web effects to be executed on best performing browsers.



牛刀小試 iPhone Obj-C programming

從聽聞寫 iPhone app 來賺錢有可為之後,便期待盡可能找來一台 Mac 機開展 iPhone app 的開發之路。然而,一台 Mac 機的價值不斐,直到轉了新工作,因應工作需要,被賞賜了一台 MacBook Pro,並且得到允許,借回家使用。


手上第一個 iPhone App 並不是由零開始編寫,而是由外判公司為公司所製作的 iPhone prototype 副本,嘗試進行些小改和 bug fixing。藉這一過程,初嘗了使用 XCode,改動 Objective C 的程式碼、編譯和運行 iPhone Simulator。當看到程式被我改動後仍然「生還」,在simulator中呈現,心底無限亢奮。

當然,這一編程路的故事只是開始。對 Obj C 的認知仍然只屬皮毛。這一初試其實還得感謝一位同事的一些起始指導,還有上司提供機會讓我去作出這一嘗試。真的希望一天不只有二十四小時,能給我多點時間和精神,讓我鑽研這一技能多好呢~

網上有一個港人的網誌有一些其開發 iPhone app 的分享,是一個對 iPhone App 編程有好奇的人來說一份不錯的起始指導:

An evolution of Gordon Chan

How often do you concern about your name or brand nam ethat you own? Have you ever check your name in some search engine so as to know who call the same?

Just a search with a keyword “Gordon Chan”, a name that followed me at least 15 years from my primary school, is not that simple:

  • Gordon Chan is a famious Hong Kong film director, 陳嘉上
  • Gordon Chan is a real estate agent in Canada
  • Gordon Chan is an academic staff/doctor/PhD belong to the department of oncology in the University of Alberta in Canada
  • Gordon Chan is the Principal of FCGA in Canada
  • Gordon Chan is also an artistic hair designer, etc.

Wow, and now, I would like to introduce myself into the world of Gordon Chan:
Gordon Chan is a Web Developer who keen on exploring the possibility of web authoring with passion on making the world of website to be better suit for various clients and visitors’ need.

For the last 12 years, I start building website using FrontPage Express, FrontPage, and later on using Adobe Dreamweaver, or even just Notepad2 for web authoring, I can see how the world of web development change. I cannot say I can bring any new technology advance, I can at least make use of new techniques with standard code style so as to make good works and let visitors to have fun in my works. And now it comes to the time that I start using my name as the brand for my works, and hope in the up-coming future people will know more about me, not a film director/doctor/agent or designer, but a specialist, web developer.

Welcome to GC Log

Keep opening and closing numerious blog, starting from today, with lots of work done just for rebuilding the status of mine in the Internet. GC Log, the log of Gordon Chan, I wish to keep my sharing, my learning and knowledge here. I will try to post back some useful blog that I wrote in the past.

Currently besides this new blog, I have 2 ancient blogs that did not update for long time but they worth to be kept forever providing some necessary information:

Gordon @ Kr :
T-Log :
(I disconnect my / domain, from now on, )

And please don’t forget my personal webpage:

You may access my personal webpage through and