Shopify Product.Gift_Card attribute boolean check

Tonight being bothered by a Shopify attribute weird syntax.

Having a Gift Card product page, I want to show different UI vs normal product. I user product.gift_card and try to obtain the boolean value for the different UI. But I keep receive nothing.

Normally I try look up the product.json by adding .js at the end of the product URL. And I find there isn’t.

I have use line_item.gift_card for similar purpose, which give me expected value, so I am surprised I cannot get the expected value upon calling product.gift_card.

I connect with Shopify Plus support, and they typically say it should be my theme related rather than any regression in the system. Fair-enough~

Until a moment, I spot the product.gift_card in the developer doc has a Questionmark, i.e. product.gift_card? where that questionmark sounds to me to be a typo. But honestly not! It is the killer character that cause me fail to get the expected boolean. I cannot find another attribute has such un-usual suffix character. And I hope you didn’t struggle too long like me.

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