Bespoke by Shahina

Some days ago, I helped a merchant onboard Shopify from Square-space.

She wanna have a much easier way to manage her product, and eventually help her tailor made various widget to facilitate adding different type of her products to cart.

Bespoke by Shahina is a self-own brand business providing diamond & gemstone concierge service, making precious, beautiful jewellery with diamond and gemstone. There are different type of jewelleries: band / ring / ear-ring / necklace and various accessories. Some items are new to me, like:

You can mark your name to the ring. Good for couple.

Custom Silver Cufflinks:

Have your baby footprint print on a cufflink, good for parents.

She has many products offer customization, you can select how many diamond / gemstone, or add chain extender, or even add letters (which could be for your name initial)

See if this is a good gift idea source for upcoming festival or your memorial days.

Bespoke By Shahina:

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