Bespoke by Shahina

Some days ago, I helped a merchant onboard Shopify from Square-space.

She wanna have a much easier way to manage her product, and eventually help her tailor made various widget to facilitate adding different type of her products to cart.

Bespoke by Shahina is a self-own brand business providing diamond & gemstone concierge service, making precious, beautiful jewellery with diamond and gemstone. There are different type of jewelleries: band / ring / ear-ring / necklace and various accessories. Some items are new to me, like:

You can mark your name to the ring. Good for couple.

Custom Silver Cufflinks:

Have your baby footprint print on a cufflink, good for parents.

She has many products offer customization, you can select how many diamond / gemstone, or add chain extender, or even add letters (which could be for your name initial)

See if this is a good gift idea source for upcoming festival or your memorial days.

Bespoke By Shahina:

Gift with love – Hong Kong new Gift for baby / kids option



Mamedio Swimwear

This should be the most sexy project I get involved. A Brazil brand swimwear Shopify store is just launched:

Mamedio International

It has various style for both Bikini and One Piece. And the site owner pays much effort on showing you how good fit their products are with modal wearing their products and having attractive shot from different perspectives:

Mamedio International Lookbook

The story of Mamedio is just begins, apart from assisting the store for initial launch (both Internation and Brasil site), I am going to strength the site by further enhancing the SEO aspect, and facilitate the site owner to manage their stores easier.

Naturali Japan – 美曈 Shopify Store


Naturali Japan 是近來參與的 Shopify Store 開發。當中包括的挑戰:

  1. 與日本人合作
  2. 由開發至發佈為期一個月
  3. 讓網站能以 3 款語言和 3 種貨幣運作

當中最具挑戰性是讓網站能以 3 款語言運作。Shopify 基本功能支援翻譯功能,但只能於一網站上使用其中一款語言。要讓網站能支援多項語言,則需要使用其他 Shopify App 。客戶選用了 Langify ,所以我主要的工作是讓站台與 Langify 整合。

在整合過程中,遇上 Langify 與其他 App 的支援問題,比如客戶也選用了 Product Customizer 來處理商品的屬性。縱使 Product Customizer 的支援網站提及曾得到 Product Customizer 的回應說能相互兼容,但在與兩方一連串的電郵查詢後,得出的回應是他們基本不能互相兼容。Product Customizer 雖表示他們正部處更新版並可望令其功能與其他 App 更相容,只是未有公開期限。雖然這樣,作為 Shopify Expert 的價值就是利用對 Shopify 編程的熟悉來為客戶解決問題,最終還是能利用一些略為轉折的方法得出了解決方案。

此方案我也利用了 作為與客人溝通問題、改良要求的 PM 工具。它容許使用者建立客戶戶口、定義 Ticket 類別、狀態。美中不足是沒有附件功能,但經已方便和客戶的基本溝通。

New Lane Crawford site

It is incredible I have chance to participate in building up the Lane Crawford official site.

The visible website is just the tip of the whole iceberg. In the last 14 months, started from a 6 people team, we build up the whole project linking up various internal systems, collaborate with our vendor and overcoming different hardship. We finally come up with a presentable website. Yet it looks simple, the site aim to serve various browsers especially IE6. Yes, as its target audience is from the mainland… Continue reading New Lane Crawford site

Angelo’s Pizza is launched!!!

With an occasion brought by my colleague, I have a chance to offer my spare skill on building website for a well-known Italian restaurant, which open a new branch of dining service: Pizza Delivery – Angelo’s Pizza.

The site is customized CMS driven, bilingual, provide web master easier way to manage the site content.

Its mobile version is coming soon.