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As a Shopify Expert since 2018, I work for various Shopify projects assisting them setup their eCommerce business.

Shopify Store setup

Excuse me I am not actively pick up every project, I only pick projects that I am interested in, and do business with people having aligned mindset. I mainly accept friends’ referral project. And I am looking forward to collaborate with fashion store owners, to work with them transforming their business from manual-process-driven model to automated model. (Especially if you still depends your time on Whatsapp order management, I am very happy to work with you, as your IT guys, so as to come up any collaboration opportunity)

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I offer general enquiry support if you are my referral.

Shopify consultant service

Besides store setup, I also offer consultation service. Share with me questions and we can setup e-meeting or on-site session to help you walk through questions that bother you, or to know Shopify better before starting the subscription.

2 Hour consultation: HKD $800

Learning Shopify Theme Development

If you are interested in Shopify theme development, to get yourselve ready become a Shopify Expert for your new freelance career. I offer online course in form of e-meeting, or in-person teaching so as to help you onboard easily. You can also request for specific topics and I can offer quote accordingly.

If you have interest in any services I offer above, leave me message so I can contact you for the detail.

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