Heroku + Laravel + bower/gulp(nodeJS) require multiple buildpack

Heroku has official document to teach how to get Laravel work on Heroku platform. But if you has Bower / Gulp for your Laravel project, you need to set the app to run with php buildpack, you also need to run this to get your app run as NodeJs app:

$ heroku buildpacks:add –index 1 heroku/nodejs

Once you have this setting effect for your app, you can utilize package.json to have this to run the bower and gulp:

“scripts”: {
“postinstall”: “bower install && gulp”


Getting Laravel (5.2) works with Heroku for Shopify Embedded App Development

Inspired by REVENUE AFTER 3 YEARS IN THE SHOPIFY APP STORE, I start exploring the world of Shopify App Development using my favorite PHP Framework: Laravel and hosts it on Heroku. I don’t have solid idea what App I am going to code, the work that I am going to share is how I finally get Laravel basically work inside Shopify as Embed app and get it running on Heroku.

I assume you have basic understanding what is Heroku / Laravel / Shopify Embedded App (EASDK).

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CodeIgniter 2.0 video tutorials by Big Name

With the famous PHP framework CodeIgniter upgraded into 2.0, I make use of this occasion to refresh my knowledge on this such great tool. Having an afternoon to surf in Google, I find a genius CI programmer kindly sharing his knowledge of writing some basic CI 2.0 tutorials, using the admin, blog, authentication scenario as demonstration. It really worth for people who wish to strength their PHP skill and programming logic like password validation, system flow.

Angelo’s Pizza is launched!!!

With an occasion brought by my colleague, I have a chance to offer my spare skill on building website for a well-known Italian restaurant, which open a new branch of dining service: Pizza Delivery – Angelo’s Pizza.

The site is customized CMS driven, bilingual, provide web master easier way to manage the site content.

Its mobile version is coming soon.