What should a Front End Web Developer be?

Previouly I was a guy being called as Interactive Developer, help previous boss making his cool stuffs from concept into similar real visualization, no matter using ActionScript 3 to write Flash or using jQuery to write XHTML. Now come to a new job titled as Front End Web Developer, I try to look deeper in what the role should a Front End Web Developer be.

Some blogs shortlisted several programming skills a front end web developer should master, including beside basic HTML, CSS, but also various web programming language, subversion, database, SEO etc. And some stands on an opposite side declaring as a Front End Web Developer, that person should have know only standard HTML coding, CSS, cross-browser-support technique, accessibility, usability of a web site in addition of JavaScript for candy visual features. It comes to an interesting point that some people even get into debating about who is right, who is wrong in defining the nature of such role.
10 “Nice-To-Have” Skills for Front-End Developers
10 “Must-have” skills for Front-End Developers

In Hong Kong, people sometimes describe the IT industry is suck as web developer are usually low paid, the working hours is long so that not advisible for people to enter such industry. But just based on my job hunting experience after I quit my 1st full-time job, I spent 2 weeks for seeking ideal job position and sending out CV. It seems that the market still need people to pick up empty position, despite that the requirement of a Fron End Web Developer includes things that they may not need to be required. I can say, for typical Front End Web Developer they should mostly make their job done by ensure their product look good and universal among most of the popular browser, user friendly and good accessibility. But for Hong Kong, ‘OUR BOSSES’ used to wish their Front End Web Developer to be a genius guy who can also contribute in other part of any project development section, seems like this is a Hong Kong culture.

Although what I write seems like saying ‘To be a front end web developer, I should only need to know …’, something like trying to limit my responsibility. No, actually no. In opposite, I think in such tough job hunting environment in Hong Kong, to fight for a good job, you need to make sure what you are much more capable to when comparing with other people. Only if you have sufficient talents or even more than enough, you can then own the decision position of decising what job you can choose, and ask for a more competitive salary.

‘I know ActionScript 2.0/3.0, Flex, MXML, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, MySQL, C++, MC++, XML, SEO, cross-browser-support, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Illustrator etc.’ saying something like this does not mean you are a qualified web developer in Hong Kong. For me, even thoguh I can master those mentioned skill, I still have far more skills have to master. To be a team member of a project, to be a valued member of a team, the more you know the more you can contribute/provide assistant to the team. JSP, software development process, subvision, even server installation all are not necessary but are on my list of learning. It really not necessary to master all for a Front End Web Developer, but it would be a benefit if you learn them so as to be a valued manpower.

Let see the importantness of a Front End Web Developer mentioned in this blog:
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