Move from PHP to JSP, the starting point of learning thing in all new

It has been around 8 years I work with PHP + MySQL, with additional technique like ActionScript 2.0/3.0 and Flex, jQuery, Ajax to enhance the front-end design, I start exploring a new era in my life recently, the JSP and related knowledges.

When talking JSP, JAVA is involved as well. I didn’t learn JAVA with a complete course, so does JSP. At first I think ‘they are just programming language, it shouldn’t be hard to master it as long as it is Object-Oriented Programming language. But the more I read about JSP/JAVA, the more unclearness I encountered, and it really a tough stuff to master, especially there are many new concepts that are different from PHP or MC++.

The first step to master JAVA/JSP is to setup an environment for running your test script/sample script. Setting ‘JAVA_HOME’ is not difficult, but for some package code, it is far from easy to make the stuffs work finally. ‘Servlet, JavaBean’ those are new idea to me. Server like Tomcat/jBoss keep surrounding my mind without figuring them out clearly. It makes me more agree with that, despite the scalability of JAVA is far stronger than PHP, PHP make rich internet application development much easier.

I am still on the path of learning JAVA, JSP, Servlet. Hope to see anyone who skillful in PHP can provide easier way in mastering JSP.

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