An evolution of Gordon Chan

How often do you concern about your name or brand nam ethat you own? Have you ever check your name in some search engine so as to know who call the same?

Just a search with a keyword “Gordon Chan”, a name that followed me at least 15 years from my primary school, is not that simple:

  • Gordon Chan is a famious Hong Kong film director, 陳嘉上
  • Gordon Chan is a real estate agent in Canada
  • Gordon Chan is an academic staff/doctor/PhD belong to the department of oncology in the University of Alberta in Canada
  • Gordon Chan is the Principal of FCGA in Canada
  • Gordon Chan is also an artistic hair designer, etc.

Wow, and now, I would like to introduce myself into the world of Gordon Chan:
Gordon Chan is a Web Developer who keen on exploring the possibility of web authoring with passion on making the world of website to be better suit for various clients and visitors’ need.

For the last 12 years, I start building website using FrontPage Express, FrontPage, and later on using Adobe Dreamweaver, or even just Notepad2 for web authoring, I can see how the world of web development change. I cannot say I can bring any new technology advance, I can at least make use of new techniques with standard code style so as to make good works and let visitors to have fun in my works. And now it comes to the time that I start using my name as the brand for my works, and hope in the up-coming future people will know more about me, not a film director/doctor/agent or designer, but a specialist, web developer.

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