Youtube Channel: AsmrProg

Youtube just prompt an interesting video for me, a guy just record his programming.

Youtube channel:

It looks nothing special at first sight, but the longer I look at, the more impressed by his work. He created the Youtube channel that full of his coding sharing, the content is well organized, and the work is fully followable.

The channel has a lot of videos already, one of the series is that the author aims to work out a 100 days coding. He not only shots the videos, but also provide a fully accessible Github repository so people can learn from him. The work that he codes are not just simple UI / layout building, but also with some interactive game like memory-card game game / Gameboy Tetris with JS .

One of the special point is his video has NO TALKING, which is so great because there are so many talkative Youtuber sharing coding with lots of scripts, at some point it is quite annoying. In this channel, you won’t be bothered by any lengthy speaking, all you have is to enjoy how he code the outcome, and along the time you can learn some JS libraries and coding pattern.

I hope you also enjoy this channel.

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