my FITNATURE is coming to town!

Today I am delighted to see Joemary Leung, a Personal Trainer, Online Coaching, starts her new business: .

is an athleisure brand for people to bring out their uniqueness through wearing our fitness wears. Joemary seeks for me assisting her to work out her business with Shopify, while the world is still concerning COVID-19 striking everyone business. She believes in her products and really look forward to share it with people who need it.

It is not an easy start to anyone, as investing right now is just like investing in an unknown result. Yet, I try my best to clarify her for questions she feel unclear about:

  • How online business works?
  • How Shopify works?
  • What is needed to run an online business?

I shared with her what cost would need for running a e-store, sharing the focus of her preparation and what else technical parts that I can offer my services.

We confirm the business relationship virtually at night around 11pm, the majority journey are through email / Whatsapp and Google Meet, until a week before the site launch.

Honestly Shopify platform cover most server side functionality and I focus on the visual / theme customisation to match brand identity. And also setup the related tracking, site launch preparation. And I believe the hardest part is the Shopify + Facebook Page integration, which is a headache recently when I work with various parties. There are problem screening over the Internet and we are not lucky enough to avoid this, resulting the FB related integration is delayed.

Thanks Joemary for her kindness patience and we work hard to finalise the site to get it well ready for launches and it is great the site can launches smooth in a sunny Sunday!

It is just the beginning, setting up a e-store is not hard nowadays with various tools and platform available. But keeping the business success in such a pandemic situation is challenging to every ambitious new merchants. I wish I can provide an affordable services to support my clients and help their business continuous grow with overcoming any challenges in such abnormal Era~

Celebrate again to the site launch of .


If you are interested about how to run your online store on Shopify, why people choose, or why I propose people to use Shopify, don’t hesitate to jot me a message or try out by signing up the 14 days trial Shopify Store.

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