Service Enquiry

First of all, thanks for having interest to find me for any kind of work opportunity.

Services included for Shopify Store setup

  • Treat me as the site technical partner instead of just web developer : )
  • Provide Development Store with no 14-Days Trial period limitation
  • Execute given responsive web design to workable deliverables, or;
  • Customisable Theme development per given reference
  • Initial store setup (page / collection / product setup). Client provides raw material and I input them to the store, integrating with common payment gateway (usually Paypal/Stipe) to get the store ready for business
  • Google Web Master / Bing web master / Google Analytics with Enhanced Commerce and Google Tag Manager installation, so as to cope with fundamental site performance tracking.
  • Provide advise on Shopify App selection to fulfil some site functions.
  • Shopify App development (depend on complexity, separate quote)
  • Any additional tracking integration (Re-marketing / Affiliate tracking code)
  • SEO: build the site with structure data. Provide minified JS/CSS for small website sizing.
  • Mailchimp integration with Shopify customer signup
  • Post deployment support and enhancement
  • Assist on various setup like Google Suite / Google App / Domain Registration
  • Guideline on order fulfilment

Personal preference: I require my client to provide their budget range for their project. From the budget I can see how much the client plan to invest for their e-business, whether it is justified / sensible, or it is over/under than expected.

Please jot me your email or send your enquiry to me [at] and I will contact you accordingly

Optional services

  • EasyShip (Fulfilment service) integration
    • Easyship does not fully work with Shopify apart from the order synchronisation due to missing some product attributes which required for fulfilment service.
  • Langify (Shopify App) integration
    • Langify provide multilingual function to Shopify. It has multiple approaches for Shopify Store integrates with it.
  • Product Customizer (Shopify App) integration
    • This is an app allow Store owner to setup multiple attributes for their product. It is strong app but indeed careful setup to avoid causing much trouble upon fulfilment.


I work as a Part-Time Freelancer and I support my business the time apart from normal working hour (night / early morning). This is the reason why I can charge potentially fewer than general WebSite development agent. For detail enquiry, email is the best way for communication, I also pick up WhatsApp enquiry for immediate support.