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Pass parameter to setTimeout

setTimeout is a very general function in JavaScript which delay an execuation of a portion of code/ function call. And I used it in ActionScript as well so I was […]

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Move from PHP to JSP, the starting point of learning thing in all new

It has been around 8 years I work with PHP + MySQL, with additional technique like ActionScript 2.0/3.0 and Flex, jQuery, Ajax to enhance the front-end design, I start exploring […]

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What should a Front End Web Developer be?

Previouly I was a guy being called as Interactive Developer, help previous boss making his cool stuffs from concept into similar real visualization, no matter using ActionScript 3 to write […]


An evolution of Gordon Chan

How often do you concern about your name or brand nam ethat you own? Have you ever check your name in some search engine so as to know who call […]


Welcome to GC Log

Keep opening and closing numerious blog, starting from today, with lots of work done just for rebuilding the status of mine in the Internet. GC Log, the log of Gordon […]