GoDaddy with good price but extreme poor support

The web hosting I am using is ICDSoft, but from time to time I will help people setting up website using other web hosting base on their requirement and the budget they can afford.

ICDSoft is very famous in her stable services as well as their extreme helpful support (Suresupport). And I never find them so helpful once I started using some other web hosting, namely, GoDaddy and Hostgator.

Hostgator comes to my eye-sight because of they open China market when I search for economic China web hosting. It does not cost much, but their admin panel is quite messy, and their support is also not fast enough in catering my inquiry. However, it is much better than GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is very famous in their domain sale, she often provides very cheap domain sale. But it also famous in their un-user-friendly admin panel, complicated control of your account. You are not only fail in using username to login your admin panel (you have to use the customer ID). And recently when I help my friend setup the Delux web hosting plan, it almost turns me crazy during the email setup. Therefore I seek for their online support.

After looking up the whole website, GoDaddy only provide Live chat or call-in support. There is no email support or online support ticket system for firing support ticket. I turn out opening the Live chat window and see the screen:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 上午12.45.44

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 上午12.45.32

It turns out I waited an hour for a support expert to chat with me. And before I reach the expert, I already sort out the issue by surfing from the Internet.

To know that, no longer work:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 上午12.46.14And this is really poor to me, as I often wish to share screen or text file for resolving issue, and GoDaddy turns me down really deeply.

Well, my friends look for economic approach, I can only try harder to help them by myself.

The TV is die-ing








MacOS Desktop/Finder keep refreshing/restarting

I went to Apple Store for repairing my iMac harddisk recently. After that, when I use it, with Time Machine restoring my Mac to previous backup, I found the Finder keep refreshing for certain time interval.

The symptoms are:

  1. Opened Finder are all gone after some time.
  2. The Desktop keep refreshing with interval

From Apple Discussion, some people mention to solution:

  1. Restart the OS with Safe mode
  2. Remove some corrupted file(s)
  3. Change User Account with potential losing some Account’s preference

Hopefully I didn’t work with those approach until I found someone mention it can be Dropbox issue (to me, I also suspect even related to other Finder related Application, like Google Drive)

Therefore I remove Dropbox, Disable Google Drive, so then, the problem seems gone.

So, if you find yourselves suffering similar case, you may try to disable/uninstall Dropbox / GoogleDrive first, and see if the problem gone. And re-install the spoken software on demand. Hope this help.

My Lego Memory



6349 – Holiday Villa
6411 – Sand Dollar Café
6594 – Gas Transit
544 – Shuttle Transcon
6335: Indy Transport



A rough start of Google Tag Manager

I assume you have a rough idea what Google Tag Manager (GTM) is, if not, you may either read its official website, or watch the nice Introduction Video to get the brief idea.

Once you have a brief idea of it, it sounds like ‘Yeah! That is our choice and we need it to empower our marketing / site tracking strength and management.’ by marketer, or ‘Gosh! We have to implement it in order to off-load the work of various tag setup from IT Team to Marketing Team’ by I.T. Tech. I am a front-end web developer and often need to make suggestion / decision to confirm whether to go for an approach, and Google’s product often a nice choice to have, but probably not this time when I am writing this blog.

Somewhere over the WWW have people like blogger / SEO expert introducing GTM by coping / elaborating its good point (mostly the good points that mentioned by Google Tag Manager official website). But when you come to the analysis phase, you will find it lack of detail documentation to implement it when you need it a bit more advance.

My case is to start preparing the migration of Google Analytic (ga,js) to Google Universal Analytics (analytics.js) for my company’s E-Store, and I have no difficulty to setup the Containers, Tags, Firing Rules, Marcos for general site tracking using Google Universal Analytics tracking type. I can see the configuration I did in GTM start populating data to various report, mostly similar with what I can see in existing Google Analytics profile. However, for some case we need to have different tracking code with different value per several different page, then the problem I face is the grow of Firing rule. And the worse thing is, all the rules / tag are listed linear, without folder structure for organization.

Furthermore, leverage the tracking code deployment task from IT team to marketing team is not an ideal way in terms of site stability. If there is bug in tracking code and is being deployed without proper testing, the site will subject to the issue and the IT department often be the party who being blaming by site user instead of the marketing team.

I would advise IT team to implement Google Tag Manager to their website, and use it as a way to simplify their tracking code deployment, and keeping the account secret from non-IT team member, so as to avoid them from introducing issue to the site.

戀愛築跡 101 – Introduction to Architecture 101




電影吸引之處,不在兩人過去那「你不說,我不顧,兩人逢肩擦過」的故事,而在於把建築、城市規劃拉在一起,甚至把一些韓國城市發展中要面對的議題都帶出來讓觀眾反思。例如舊區遷拆、江南江北的貧富分野、與及男主角與母親的相遇,當中都隱含了某些訊息。那一件印著 G.E.U.S.S 的 T-Shirt和那一處被年少無知的男主角踢破的門角,充滿反思的空間。



海猿 – 東京灣空難 Umizaru – Brave Hearts

整輯「海猿」系列,沒有錯過過。從大輔由一個玩味心重,無事業心的小子,偶然加入了海上保安廳當海上保安官,戰成刻苦訓練,面對過許許多多形形式式的海難,仍堅持走到海難最前線。由油輪事故、油井爆炸,至現在空難也演變成故事。 Continue reading 海猿 – 東京灣空難 Umizaru – Brave Hearts




  1. 若你的酒席場地提供請帖,別開心過早,要問清楚他們的帖是否附有預設內容。沒有內容的帖,普遍印帖店才會承印,因為他們大多不願意為你就位,並且會建議你重新買卡來印帖,或是把內容印在珍珠紙上蓋著原有內容
  2. 若遇上第一點的情況,你可以詢問酒席場地有否提供不設預設內容的帖,或是有沒有提供印帖服務。以我的酒席場地「彩晶軒」為例,他們也有提供印帖服務,要$5一張(在網上查過半年前其他彩晶軒都要$3張,不過紙價和人工上漲,沒法子)。在外買帖也基本上$4以上,兩至三星期付印,深水埗昌記快稿要另加$150,正常則要一個月,也許口碑好所以生意興隆。
  3. 若果你有不設原內容的帖,可以考慮把帖印在牛油紙上,,有些店舖這樣較經濟,金都地底有間帖舖,數量多便能低至$3。
  4. 去找印帖,最好把所有帖攜身,不要嫌重,那麼當找到心儀的印帖店時便可即時拿去付印。
  5. 帖,在乎心意,在於提示親朋好友婚禮或晚宴的內容,在兼顧得體的同時,亦要尊重家長意見
  6. 帖,愈精緻漂亮便愈貴,當然若能給人賞心悅目的確更好,只是過於花巧,甚至不環保,那就有點不值得。可知一場婚宴將會製造若干浪費。買卡時買一些就算棄掉也能易於再造,少耗材的(不要光面,磨沙,少用內頁/添加紙)。始終,再漂亮的卡,會保存永世的人不多。我其實認同用4R相片包含一對新人的相片和婚宴內容最為值得記念,但不是一般長輩會認同的。
  7. 印帖,預早一個月印,在決定過大禮前一個月印好,好使過大禮時多一大疊東西付送到女家
  8. 印帖內容最好先寫好,尤其「長兒」「長女」「小兒」「小女」「承嚴慈命」「承嚴命」「承慈命」「喜酌」之類的內容,最好先了解,始終是一種傳統,多認識一種傳統,多一份認知,少一點無知。印帖的人通常都會施予協助,以避免不必要的修改。

Pre-wedding – Stans Production


見朋友偶有詢問,自己在找資料時亦得到不少網友的協助,所以我也來貢獻一些分享。先以我們的 Pre-wedding 拍攝為首: Stans Production

坦白說,這篇網誌一出,也許對這間年初才掛正名號作業的攝影工作室有相干影響,事關在網上搜尋「Stans Production」的話,你會發現有關這工作室的評論不多。單是當日我和當時的女朋友(現在是未婚妻:),在第一次參觀結婚展,被一輪介紹,又看過相片,覺得不錯時,下意識地付了訂後,在網上重新搜尋這工作室相關資料,竟然其結果少得可憐。就算他們標明的公司網址也是去不到。當時我們即時趕及他們在關檔前向他們求証,他們回應因為在翻新之中。作為網頁開發員的我,當然有點嚇怕,那刻要求退錢不成,撻訂也不是,於是日日夜夜盼望他們不是騙人的。


我和女朋友選了 Pre-wedding 和 big-day 都靠這間公司,也許新開張優惠,我們多了個室內影棚優惠。該影棚不算大,但場景還不錯,我頗喜歡(而最終就拍出來的相,還是室內影棚的較好)。


  1. 如果拍攝公司對日子的跟進,不用新人致電查詢,會比較讓人安心
  2. 如果租車錢要客人支付的話,拍攝日超時要加錢,原本PACKAGE不包含的話,一早說明和標明比較好,說到底「行規」不是所有新人都明白
  3. 大部份新人都比較喜歡隨影,多一些隨影會比較好
  4. 我是急性底的人,想得到所有相片(我選的套餐包含要回所有相片),但經過了一段日子才取得到。



因為我們的 Big-day 也是拜託他們,而我對他們仍有信心,希望 Big-day 那一天的整個流程也順利如意。到時再更新有關這間工作室的分享。