Dropshipping – 1st attempt fail

After 2.5 month past, I decide to pause my store, My Quali Stuffs and re-strategise the way to go.

There are couples aspect that make me consider to pause:

  1. I get very low traffic
  2. I get opinion from friends that, the items I have in the store is fun, but won’t buy because of lack of confident
  3. The items are not unique, and price not competitive

But honestly those facts are just make me consider until I try experience placing a real order for a bag, to replace my own bag, and the experience is worse:

  1. I ordered a bag from AliExpress
  2. The order being processed after 3 days
  3. It takes another few days to wait for starting the shipment
  4. And it requires estimation of 20 days for delivery
  5. And ultimately …. I waited for a month and the items still not being received

This experience make me not confident enough to keep such business model. Hopefully my store does not gain enough attention and there are no order from anyone, so I am not suffer from any delivery issue or customer complaint. And I think it is not really a good start to just run drop-shipping without having a stable supplier to support your business.

Therefore, it is still not the end day of My Quali Stuff, I am just aim to tackle on the lesson I learnt: I need a stable supplier, so I am now trying to approach some physical store who does not have online store for their online business, I am trying to compensate what they miss and try leveraging my store as their online store, to holds their product online so as to attract more of their potential customers.

I hope I can come up some update soon : )

Being listed in a TOP 20 Technology Blog 2017

Top 20 Technology Blogs


Honestly I am shocked more than a surprise when a website call MrDiscountCode.hk sent me a email saying my blog is being listed in their Top 20 Technology blog 2017. As I only use my blog share the website that I made, or share the technique that I think good to see how it could work for others. Of course I subsequently receive follow up email to ask if I can add their badge above, which I know it is a way to not only help me from having my blog being listed in their site, but also to have their site url mentioned in my blog so as to improve SEO.

Even knowing very limited about MrDiscountCode.hk , as long as it is not spam site, and it is a Hong Kong Startup, I am fine to receive this appreciation and recognition. And this may also be a chance to really allow me examine how this can affect a site SEO if both side mentioned each other website.

I know my blog is still very in-adequate in knowledge sharing, and it is still a long journey for me to learn more how to run a e-commerce better. Such recognition would be a small encouragement for me to share more and more often.

Hope you find my site really helpful.

My Lego Memory



6349 – Holiday Villa


6411 – Sand Dollar Café


6594 – Gas Transit


544 – Shuttle Transcon


6335: Indy Transport



Facebook app – 由 HTML5 回到 原生 iOS app

Facebook 曾打響旗號,將其 iPhone app 和 android app 改為以 app container 配合 HTML5 來製成適合智能手機上使用的 mobile web app,一時將 HTML5 的風吹得熾熱,讓人們覺得 HTML5 web-based apps (a.k.a HTML5 app)正是手機程式開發的理想方向之一。然而近來又似乎在打退堂鼓…… Continue reading Facebook app – 由 HTML5 回到 原生 iOS app

New Lane Crawford site

It is incredible I have chance to participate in building up the Lane Crawford official site.

The visible website is just the tip of the whole iceberg. In the last 14 months, started from a 6 people team, we build up the whole project linking up various internal systems, collaborate with our vendor and overcoming different hardship. We finally come up with a presentable website. Yet it looks simple, the site aim to serve various browsers especially IE6. Yes, as its target audience is from the mainland… Continue reading New Lane Crawford site

HTML5 vs Flash

算不上是什麼 web development 方面的技術差異的偉大分享,以上純綷是個人對 FLASH 和 HTML5 的一點看法。

雖然花了一段時間學習 HTML5 ,算不上上手,而另一方面則利用 ActionScript 寫了數年 FLASH。老實說,當初還使用著Pentium II 有256MB記憶體的年代,我對FLASH頗有微言。每每遇著一些無謂的網站開場動畫,光飛了些字然後才能進入網站,這些多餘的步驟其FLASH動畫經已耗掉我那台電腦的大部份資源,該些網頁看下去也沒意思。可是,當慢慢接觸多些比較有深度,可看出製作時花了不少心思的FLASH SITE(整個站台也是FLASH建構),與及隨著科技日新月異而多番昇級電腦機件,才能漸漸意會 FLASH 能帶給網路使用者更高層次的視覺享受和使用經歷(Site User Experience)。

無疑,FLASH 的確對其運行的電腦有一定的資源需求。很公平,有華麗效果當然需要相對的運算能力來造就。就正如你也不可能期望飛機能單靠那四個引擎飛上大空,總得附上兩三節推進器來看離地球擺脫地心吸力吧。然而在 HTML5 漸露頭角,人們一窩峰清算 FLASH 如何耗能,預測 HTML5 如何能替代 FLASH 的地位,我倒覺得這還有一段很長的路途。因為就算 HTML5 配搭 JavaScript 可達到編程層次來呈現互動效果,但單靠各家的瀏覽器來作為運行介面,總比不上 FLASH 利用自家經優化運行的 FLASH PLAYER 來執行運算程序來呈現效果來得可靠。FLASH PLAYER 對不同平台為 FLASH 檔案提供相對應的優化,有 ADOBE 來進行技術圍護和發展,這是 FLASH 能由簡單的動畫短片表現界系進化到站台開發與及互聯網應用軟體應用這一個廣域應用。

在細小的網站開發,HTML5可能讓網頁開發員花一點小功夫來把網站變得較美觀和添加互動元素。但論及大型網站開發,現階段 FLASH 仍然勝於 HTML5,至少Flash IDE 能提供一個比較完善的開發介面。

這寫分享其實出於為 FLASH 抱不平的心態,一些人對 FLASH 反感實在只是出於偏見。然而人們若能夠以開放的心態去了解 FLASH 這一門和學習如何好好應用 FLASH 來弄網站,這才能真正讓網頁開發的將來大放異彩。


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Move from PHP to JSP, the starting point of learning thing in all new

It has been around 8 years I work with PHP + MySQL, with additional technique like ActionScript 2.0/3.0 and Flex, jQuery, Ajax to enhance the front-end design, I start exploring a new era in my life recently, the JSP and related knowledges.

When talking JSP, JAVA is involved as well. I didn’t learn JAVA with a complete course, so does JSP. At first I think ‘they are just programming language, it shouldn’t be hard to master it as long as it is Object-Oriented Programming language. But the more I read about JSP/JAVA, the more unclearness I encountered, and it really a tough stuff to master, especially there are many new concepts that are different from PHP or MC++.

The first step to master JAVA/JSP is to setup an environment for running your test script/sample script. Setting ‘JAVA_HOME’ is not difficult, but for some package code, it is far from easy to make the stuffs work finally. ‘Servlet, JavaBean’ those are new idea to me. Server like Tomcat/jBoss keep surrounding my mind without figuring them out clearly. It makes me more agree with that, despite the scalability of JAVA is far stronger than PHP, PHP make rich internet application development much easier.

I am still on the path of learning JAVA, JSP, Servlet. Hope to see anyone who skillful in PHP can provide easier way in mastering JSP.

What should a Front End Web Developer be?

Previouly I was a guy being called as Interactive Developer, help previous boss making his cool stuffs from concept into similar real visualization, no matter using ActionScript 3 to write Flash or using jQuery to write XHTML. Now come to a new job titled as Front End Web Developer, I try to look deeper in what the role should a Front End Web Developer be.
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