My Quali Stuffs – My own Shopify store – Be my client’s perspective to look at E-Commerce

My Quali Stuffs:

More about Shopify:

People who know me would likely know I am a big fan of e-commerce, along with my career and the time before reaching my 34th, I have dedicated myself to e-commerce related role, acquiring as much web knowledge as possible and help my clients setup various e-commerce business.

And I come to a moment, thinking of how to learn from my clients’ success stories and work out my own version, so, My Quali Stuffs arises.

My Quali Stuffs, a drop-shipping based online business, powered by Shopify. I know Drop-shipping would be the simplest step to run an online business when I having no connection with any suppliers, which is different from all of my clients that they have some wonderful suppliers or they are themselves the suppliers of the items they sell. And I look forward with such self-experiencing e-business, I can put myself in a much closer position and look at e-business from client’s perspective, tackling the online marketing with real exercise, putting my real money on a real investment and see how it goes.

No one can tell it would be an easy job, my advantage would likely be skipping the cost for an IT guys / developer, or familiar with various tools / marketing channel with lack of real hand-on experience.

I would love to share more update and maybe some day you may see the success of my story, or the fall of my business and I have to work harder for my original business.


Happy New Year @ 2012

Happy New Year @ 2012

It is a difficult year, no matter to the world or to me. There are too many disasters, the financial crisis, making lots of people die or poor. And for my job, we finally make out company site launch. We got too many to work out in order to meet numerous deadline: Launch date, pre-sale, etc. But no matter what, this 2012 I am preparing for my new era. I hope to work our our future with my love. And I wish I can share my skills to help more people to work out more great sites.

Wish you all best in 2012!

Happy new year



然而可幸的是工作需忙,但卻很投入其中。一組男家班,一起工作的團隊感覺是我嚮往的,從過去在小公司工作中感受不到的。雖然工時間或長了,但接觸的新事物多了,工作由最初的IE6-SUPPORT的FRONT-END WEB DEVELOPER變成JAVA編程員。由對ATG Commerce零認知到現在還可獨自寫出一些servlet/droplet搭JSP。最意想不到是有一部Mac Book Pro外還負責了iPhone application的編程工作。人工的量價比低了,但獲益良多。

對現在的日間工作尚算滿意,但還是想充份利用餘暇。由上年年尾到今年初,蒼天蠻看顧小弟,接著一單又一單的freelance上門,對新的freelance工作也得選擇一番。當然若果可以,我還是想進行多些web development方面自我增值。像如何寫較好的HTML5網頁,寫較好的jQuery程式。熟習一些Open source、CMS,好使當有新項目時能更快更易開發。