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I.T., Web Development

Github remove Weak cryptographic standards

Since 23 Feb 2018, I find one of my work operation keep failing. In my workspace I have a Jenkins checkout Git repo which further run bower and Gulp for […]

Shopify, Web Development


若果你經已以 Facebook 專頁經營網上商店業務,有商品圖片、簡單商品說明/SKU,但未有正式網站來管理下單、發貨;對 Shopify 有興趣,想了解應用此平台作為你的落單管理/POS系統的話,歡迎來信查詢,小弟正尋找有意合作之平台/網店,我提供技術建議,協助你透過 Shopify 來優化你的網店業務。 若有意了解更多,不彷留言或 PM 接洽。

Web Development

Talk about hybid mobile app

For a mobile app development, it has 2 approaches: Native VS Hybid. In general the cost for building a native app is higher than a hybid app, especially for some […]

Sharing, Web Development

Being listed in a TOP 20 Technology Blog 2017

  Honestly I am shocked more than a surprise when a website call MrDiscountCode.hk sent me a email saying my blog is being listed in their Top 20 Technology blog […]


Video playlist which help you understand more how to run a E-Commerce business

I often amazed by Shopify as it often offers various kind of documentation and support material to empower store owners / eCommerce merchants to know their business better and how to […]

Shopify, Web Development

Gain your domain control from Shopify / OpenSRS

You need a domain name for your website / online store. Like my site, gordon-chan.net is the domain. You have your domain share to people so they know how to […]

Shopify, Web Development

Tips for Shopify Store setup

Here are some tips I would share with people who wanna setup a Shopify Store for their online business. Seek for a Shopify Expert for help Not attempt to but fine […]

Portfolio, Shopify

Mamedio Swimwear

This should be the most sexy project I get involved. A Brazil brand swimwear Shopify store is just launched: It has various style for both Bikini and One Piece. And […]

Heroku, Laravel

Heroku + Laravel + bower/gulp(nodeJS) require multiple buildpack

Heroku has official document to teach how to get Laravel work on Heroku platform. But if you has Bower / Gulp for your Laravel project, you need to set the app […]


Shopify plans pricing change and comparsion

Shopify changes their pricing on 1 Jun 2016. The plans’ name are changed accordingly: Basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify. It still has 14 days trial, and of course, the […]