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When you search “Hong Kong Sweet Shop” in Google, it is so impressed that the majority of the search result are  Mr Simms Olde. Not only because of her very good taste, but also her long history in Hong Kong so it deserves to be that high ranked.

The Bonbonist Store in Pacific Place Admiralty
The Bonbonist Store in Pacific Place Admiralty

The Bonbonist (, cans be a new meaning for “Hong Kong Sweet Shop”, is a referral of my existing client. They sell the founder looks for having an online store for her candies business. I was invited to their presentation and amused by the variety of the sweets that sourced around the world; the explanation of their brand identity; the vision that they wish to achieve. I was actually so puzzled by the bonbon at first. I was not clear about why they are so important until the founder keep remind me, they are the spirit of her products, the stories that they wanna tell, the idea is so strong that last through the whole development process of their Shopify site, impacting the website design (disclaimer: not done by me).

What I offer them is the setup of their Shopify store, help them structure the products, making use of Shopify platform to make a website that not only list out products, but also to allow customer design candies box which let customer decide what to include, how it styled and stamped. Such a luxury candies store is so new to me, but this is definitely not a new idea after a bit research, online stores below also have similar services:

The Bonbonist does not aim to stand out too much, instead, the founder wanna bring the taste of sweet to another level, making candies be a kind of affordable luxury, with pretty outlook and packaging that they deserved. It deserves to be gift that make people not only feel happy but also elegant. It can be gift that replace traditional hamper, it cans be gift for farewell to make the sad feeling turn warm and memorable. It also encourage people to be green by re-living the box for various purpose:

So what I contributed for The Bonbonist? Apart from bringing their design to executable outcome, I am actually a online store planner, includes sharing what they need to plan for, the cost that could incur, the way that we can work out for an online business. I helped building the site with a purchased theme from Themeforest, and then modify the theme to suit their need, including converting the theme to be Shopify Theme-Section based, so as to allow utilising the benefits that bring by Theme Section ( e.g. Customisation / Content Reposition). I also use metafield to hold additional information, utilising Navigation for some advance data organisation. Help them setup the store with using Shopify POS for their economic POS solution. And upcoming I am going to make the store to support Store Collect without the need for purchasing a Shopify app.

The Bonbonist Website
The Bonbonist Website





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