The fate of Adobe Flash on mobile platform

From the day Steve Jobs declare iPhone does not support Adobe Flash, it is the beginning of the decline of Adobe Flash. In sprite of being a Flash Developer in the past, I have to admit that Flash is not ideal to run on mobile device. Flash requires certain amount of resource to execute smoothly, while mobile device normally unable to provide such demand.

Android device keeps mentioning to support Flash, however, the disappointed user-experience causes people from joining their parties. So that from 15th Aug, Android is no longer provide Flash player for its devices.

Does HTML5 really the most suitable candidate for his task? My answer is: NO. I don’t thinking HTML5 can replace Flash game / Flash animation easily. Or the development of that game /animation will be complicated. No matter what, building multimedia content with HTML5 is the global trend. But if your target audience is not teenage, you probably keep using Flash as the tool, as Desktop has much powerful computing ability, with developer familiar with Flash programming, building fancy stuff with Flash can be much complicated but much faster.

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